About KO Public Works

The Public Works Unit handles community and capital planning and the provision of technical services for member First Nations as a non-profit service. The staff work closely with the First Nations in areas such as housing, housing development and the management of major and minor capital projects.

The Public Works Unit also assists First Nations to gain access to skills and expertise for managing capital projects, retaining technical expertise and developing capital data bases as project management tools.

The Public Works Unit provides advisory and technical services to our First Nation Communities in the areas of:

  • Technical Training & Development
  • Community & Capital Planning
  • Policy & Housing Inspection
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Project Management
  • Minor Capital Projects
  • Major Capital Projects
  • Other Capital Projects

This Support includes:

  • Working with the First Nations to develop capital data bases and monitoring systems to track progress of community proposals
  • Assisting First Nations to gain access to skills and expertise for maintenance programs
  • Advising on technical procedures and on project management
  • Advising on codes, standards, and retaining technical expertise and consultants

Community workers construct a new house in Fort Severn. KO’s Public Works Department provides design and inspection services to member First Nations.