Poplar Hill School Capital Study

Mid May, Poplar Hill First Nation received notice from INAC of approval for "Non-Core Minor Capital Approval" on funding for a "School Capital Planning Study".

Consultants were interviewed and AGB Architects of Winnipeg were retained for services to prepare the "School Capital Planning Study".  Initial meeting was held May 31 in Poplar Hill and a "School Study Committee" was established with Mario Wassaykeesic appointed as Chairperson.

"Enrolment Projections" were accepted by INAC by letter dated October 26, 2006.

A second meeting of the "School Study Committee" was held on
November 7, 2006 (attached photo) with discussions of the progress of the study and the requirements of the new school to reflect the future needs of the
Poplar Hill community.

With Principal Howard Comber encouraging that the school "should prepare Poplar Hill students with skills that they can use both in Poplar Hill, outside in the cities and anywhere in Canada.

Structural, electrical and mechanical consultants inspected existing building and facilities; as part of the school study project.

Radio and newsletters will be sent to all residents to start gathering community opinions as to location and as to what the new facility should provide.