KO Public Works Projects


North Spirit Lake Chief and Council are pleased to announce the hiring of project managers for the project and the first meeting of the Project Team.

November 2, 2007 marked the project initiation meeting, held in the North Spirit Lake Band Office.

P.M. Associates of Winnipeg, Manitoba have been appointed as Project Manager for the New School project.

The planning, design and construction will be directed by the Project Team.

Team members being:

  • North Spirit Lake Chief & Council
  • Timmy Kakekagumick as NSL Projects Coordinator
  • Philip Cesario, P.M. Associates Ltd., as Project Manager
  • Tim Scammel, ASI, as Account Manager
  • Jerry Pokrupa, KO Public Works, as Technical Advisory Services
  • Serge Bernard, KO Public Works, as Technical Advisory Services
  • Bruce Piercy, Consultant, as Special Advisory Services

Advertising for consultant services to commence imediately, with design architects and engineers expected to be appointed by December 11, 2007.

Submitted by:
Jerry Pokrupa, CTArch.



The progress on the design and construction of the new school in North Spirit Lake has reached another milestone.

On October 17, 2007 in the office of Aboriginal Strategies Inc. (ASI) in Winnipeg, the Project Team met; to review proposals of Professional Project Management Services.

The members of the Project Team included North Spirit Lake Chief & Council and Project Coordinator, representative from INAC and Peter Campbell, representing KO Technical Advisory Services. Support for the review meeting including ASI and Bruce Piercy, Technical Services Consultant.

After reviewing five proposal submissions; the Project Team selected P.M. Associates of Winnipeg, Manitoba as Project Manager for the New School project.

The project initiation meeting is scheduled for Friday, November 2, 2007; in North Spirit Lake. It is expected that deisgn architects and engineers will begin their work early next year.


Submitted by:
Jerry Pokrupa, CTArch.


On October 9, 2007; the Poplar Hill School Capital Study Committee met in Poplar Hill to review the final draft of School Capital Study documents, as prepared by AGB Architects of Winnipeg.

Peter Campbell, Manager, Keewaytinook Okimakanak Public Works/Technical Advisory Services and Andrew Bickford of AGB Architects presented the draft document for final review and comments from the working committee

Final revisions are to be made and submission to INAC is set for October 31, 2007. The School Capital Study is submitted as application for "Preliminary Project Approval" for the New School Project.

The School Capital Study was initiated by Poplar Hill Chief & Council, and support came from INAC by way of letter dated May 15, 2006 "Non-Core Minor Capital Approval". The funding allowed Poplar Hill First Nation to proceed with hiring of a consultant to help in the preparation of the school study documents and applications for Preliminary Project Approval.

The first meeting was held May 31, 2007; to "start-off" the School Study Committee, with Mario Wassaykeesic appointed as Chairperson of the committee.

The second meeting was held June 15, 2007; to present information from AGB Architects regarding procedures, information requirements and enrollment projects.

The enrollment projects were submitted to INAC on August 13, 2007, with a reply supporting the projections was forwarded October 26, 2007.

The third School Studay Committee meeting was held November 7, 2007; to discuss the future school requirements, project progress and existing school building conditions.

Community member surveys were completed, regarding school location and complied by February 2007.

By April, the "Assessment re Existing Buildings" reports were complete, and site survey and soil testing of the new site were scheduled for April 27, 2007; at which time a forth Committee meeting was held.

Interim drafts of the School Capital Study were handed over for review July 9, 2007 and final draft review and presentation meeting was held October 9, 2007.

Once submissions are made to INAC, and upon their review, INAC will forward a letter of support. This letter of support will in turn allow Poplar Hill First Nation to proceed with the advertising for and hiring of architects and engineers for the planning of the New School project.

At this stage the new school construction start is tentatively set for 2009 / 2010.

Submitted by:
Jerry Pokrupa, CTArch.

North Spirit Lake New School Construction Project

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Keewaywin - New Nurses Residence Duplex

New Nurses Duplex Residence is near completion.

With assistance of a Health Canada / First Nation & Inuit Health Branch contribution; Keewaywin First Nation was able to undertake the construction of a two bedroom duplex residence building. The new accommodations for nurses, will strengthen health care program delivery in Keewaywin such as after hour emergency care, which they presently don't have.